Dyslexia Resources​

If you'd like to learn more about dyslexia, or tap into resources for parents of students with dyslexia, here are some excellent organizations and websites.


International Dyslexia Association: Based in Maryland, this organization provides fact sheets, infographics, and other information; links to providers in your area who assess or tutor students; and webinars and conferences.


Orton Gillingham Academy: links to schools and providers who offer reading instruction, links to resources, and scholarly articles about dyslexia. This is the organization through which I received my training.


Understood.org: a site not only dedicated to dyslexia, but other learning differences as well. Extensive information on how to navigate school services, IEPs, assistive technology, and what rights your child has under IDEA.


Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity: Excellent information, access to research, toolkits on advocacy, and robust resources.