Expert tutoring, coaching, and classes

with an emphasis on stress reduction and confidence building.​

Help your child move from struggling to successful.


With 19 years of experience working with students in all grades, Katrina is an expert tutor who can help your child succeed. Her tutoring enables children to move through fear and resistance to feel more confident and comfortable with school.


Confidence Building

Stress Reduction

Study Skills

Reading Intervention

Meet Katrina Martin, MA


Katrina has 19 years of experience as a tutor.


Her passion is to help students feel more confident and calm about school. She does this by combining mindfulness techniques and practical tools that students can incorporate into their lives.​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your rate? 

Generally, services cost $90 per hour. See the tutoring page for more information.



Where does tutoring and coaching take place? 

For those in the Burlington area, sessions might take place at your child’s school or in a library or coffee shop. Sometimes sessions take place in your home as well, depending on location. Online sessions are also available via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts for those who have complicated schedules or live outside the Burlington metro area. Contact Katrina to find out which option would be a good fit for your student.

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Grab a Summer Intensive Spot Now​

If you've been thinking about signing up for one or more of my summer intensives, now is a good time to contact me. The spots are filling quickly. There will be three sessions, one lasting two weeks and the others lasting three weeks. You can sign up for one, two, or all three. The deadline to reserve a spot is April 30. If your child is a current student, I highly recommend you sign up for at least two sessions. Students can lose a lot of ground in the summer if they are not engaged academically, and we want to keep those skills strong! What Are Summer Intensives?These intensives are intended to help students stay fresh with academics during the summer as well as help them get a leg up on the coming school year. Students who need additional instruction with writing, research, project planning, note-taking, or reading are ideal candidates for these intensives. In the past, students have used this time to learn the ins and outs of writing a research paper, become more adept with taking notes in class and writing annotations, improve their essay writing and grammar, and continue progress with reading intervention. How Often Will We Meet?I recommend at least twice-a-week lessons. The lessons will last one hour. An important piece to note: for students who are doing Orton-Gillingham with me, two lessons a week are required. I have found that meeting less frequently slows down progress. If your child is doing O-G with me during the school year, I highly recommend that they continue working with me during the summer. Where Will Lessons Happen?Lessons will be available in person in Vermont at the South Burlington library or online for students who are remote, traveling, or outside of Vermont. What Are the Dates?• Session One: June 16–27• Session Two: July 15–August 1• Session Three: August 5–22 How Much Will the Intensives Cost?Session one, twice-a-week lessons: $360Sessions two and three, twice-a-week lessons: $540 each I have listed the price for twice-a-week lessons for each session; I will have some flexibility to offer more than twice a week lessons, if that is your preference. Payment is due on or before the first day of the intensive by check or PayPal. For parents who wish to pay ahead for two or three intensives, a $50 discount will apply.  If you have any questions, or would like to discuss possibilities about what type of intensive your student might need, please reply to this email, text, or call.  ​

The 3 Types of ADHD​

Eleven percent of children and teens in the US have ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). There are three subtypes: Primarily Inattentive, Primarily Hyperactive-Impulsive, or Combined. ADHD occurs on a spectrum, so some children will have more severe symptoms than others. While most children may have a few of the symptoms (occasional forgetfulness or failure to listen), a child receives a diagnosis of ADHD only when they have at least six of the symptoms for each type (or six of the inattentive and six of the hyperactive symptoms for combined type). Look at the lists below: do you recognize any of the following in your student? Keep in mind, these are not exhaustive lists. Inattentive Type• Not paying close attention to details and making careless mistakes.• Difficulty with long-term focus and distracted by outside stimuli.• Not listening when someone is talking.• Not finishing assignments or following directions.• Organization is challenging.• Easily loses things like assignment sheets, study materials, pens, pencils, etc.• Being forgetful. Hyperactive-Impulsive Type• Fidgeting or squirming• Not staying in seat in the classroom• Moving body when it's not appropriate (running or jumping in classroom, restlessness)• High energy and/or talkative• Interrupting when others are speaking• Difficulty with waiting one's turn Combined TypeA combination of six inattentive symptoms and six hyeractive-impulsive symptoms. You can reach out to your pediatrician, school psychologist, or a private psychoeducational evaluator to receive a diagnosis if you suspect your child has ADHD.  Here is more information on that process.​


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