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With 18 years of experience working with students in all grades, Katrina is an expert tutor who can help your child succeed. Her tutoring enables children to move through fear and resistance to feel more confident and comfortable with school.


Confidence Building

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Meet Katrina Martin, MA


Katrina has 18 years of experience as a tutor.


Her passion is to help students feel more confident and calm about school. She does this through academic coaching and tutoring, both of which include a combination of mindfulness techniques as well as practical tools that students can incorporate into their lives.​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your rate? 

Generally, services cost $90 per hour. See the tutoring page for more information.



Where does tutoring and coaching take place? 

For those in the Burlington area, sessions take place at your child’s school or in a library or coffee shop. Sometimes sessions take place in your home as well, depending on location. Online sessions are also available via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts for those who have complicated schedules or live outside the Burlington metro area. Contact me to find out which option would be a good fit for your student.

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Reading Picture Books is Important​

Recently I came across fascinating evidence for why reading pictures books aloud to children is important for a child's development. As this Mind/Shift article explains, the most ideal reading situation for young readers (ages 3 to 5) is to have an adult read them a story with pictures. Researchers at Cincinnati's Children's Hospital who are studying how children learn to read discovered that when children were asked to listen to a story without pictures, their brains had to work too hard to understand the story. One of the researchers, Dr. John Hutton, said that there was "evidence the children were straining to understand" when listening to a story without pictures. Similarly, when children are watching an animated story their comprehension was low, because they were spending a lot of time trying to figure out what was happening in the story. The "just right" level of read-aloud is the traditional picture book, where children can see images, hear the words, and move at a pace that fits them. This style of reading helps them integrate the information they're receiving. I imagine this can be connected with students who struggle to read at any age. Seeking out texts with some illustrations or even an article with an image or two can help anchor the students into the subject. Check out the rest of the article for more details.​

Books About Immigrants and Refugees​

Immigration, refugees, and borders are nearly constant topics in the news today, and for children, sometimes these stories can be scary and hard to understand (especially the current situation at the US/Mexican border with families being separated). Reading stories about immigrants and refugees can help children better understand what it is like to be in the shoes of someone immigrating or fleeing, and can be a way to open conversations about the news with your children. I've compiled a list of links where you can find good books on these topics to read to or read with your child. These can also be a stepping stone to discussing with your child the people in your family who have immigrated or been refugees. Brightly's list of 15 inspiring books about immigration Publisher's Weekly list of books about refugees Book Riot's list of 100 books about refugees Book Riot's list of books on the immigrant experience​


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