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With 19 years of experience working with students in all grades, Katrina is an expert tutor who can help your child succeed. Her tutoring enables children to move through fear and resistance to feel more confident and comfortable with school.

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Meet Katrina Martin, MA


Katrina has 19 years of experience as a tutor.


Her passion is to help students feel more confident and calm about school. She does this by combining mindfulness techniques and practical tools that students can incorporate into their lives.​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your rate? 

Generally, services cost $90 per hour. See the tutoring page for more information.



Where does tutoring and coaching take place? 

For those in the Burlington area, sessions might take place at your child’s school or in a library or coffee shop. Sometimes sessions take place in your home as well, depending on location. Online sessions are also available via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts for those who have complicated schedules or live outside the Burlington metro area. Contact Katrina to find out which option would be a good fit for your student.

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Tests Aren’t Everything​

Recently, a friend sent me this blog, written for On Being, by Quaker elder and educator Parker Palmer. In it, he writes: "There are lots of things wrong with our national mania for high-stakes standardized testing in the public schools. One of the worst is the way it makes some kids feel like 'losers' when they are very young. It’s a tragedy that’s reached epidemic proportions in the U.S., and it’s going to cost this country dearly before it’s over." I couldn't agree more. Test scores only show a fraction of what makes up a student, and I remind my students of that all the time. A group of principals made a point to lift up their students by sending them a message about how test scores only show a fraction of students' beautiful selves. Click through to Palmer's blog to read the message. You might want to read it to your child before school starts to remind them that they contain multitudes beyond what their score on a test might say. ​

My Child Won’t…​

During an Orton-Gillingham training a few years ago, my instructor said something that stuck with me: if a student won't do something, it's likely because they don't know how. Take, for instance, the student who refuses to read. They may throw a temper tantrum, ignore your requests to sit down with a book, or flat out say no. Often, there is a lot of emotion behind their refusal. Typically, these tantrums and displays hide the student's anger, frustration, or shame about their lack of ability with reading. I keep this in the front of my mind when I'm working with particularly difficult children who declare loudly that they "hate reading" or that "reading is boring." They want to put up a wall that keeps me from seeing that this is really hard for them. They are tired of failure and would rather avoid reading than try and fail again. I let them know that I hear them and I understand that they don't like it. And then I help them fill in the gaps in their knowledge and talk with them about perseverance and resilience. One student of mine would run away when I arrived for our lessons. She refused to read books with more than a few words on the page, and told me all the time that she hated reading. Now, I catch her laughing, smiling, and using excellent expression during reading. She is not intimidated by pages with several sentences and I can tell she finds enjoyment from reading. She has gained many useful reading skills that have boosted her confidence, and as her knowledge increased, her protestations decreased. I have seen similar transformations with students who refuse to use planners or check their online school portal because "it doesn't work" or "it's stupid." These same students, once I have trained them on best practices when using a planner or helped them navigate their school's portal, will use it without a second thought, telling me what assignments they have coming up and what has been turned in. The next time you notice that your child isn't doing something you wish they would do, ask yourself if they might need more information or training before they can do what you're asking of them. If you suspect they might not know how to do it, teach them how, or find someone who can give them those skills.​


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