Katrina offers classes in test prep, mindfulness, and energy work for students of various ages. She also offers one-on-one summer reading and writing intensives.


Classes outside a school setting require a minimum of five students enrolled for the class to run (not applicable for summer reading and writing intensives). ​She has taught classes at Lake Champlain Waldorf High School, The Berkeley School, and the University of Berkeley's Academic Talent Development Program.



Mindfulness is shown to increase focus, reduce anxiety, and help us cultivate empathy. Students who practice mindfulness report less reactivity, distraction, and stress. Katrina was trained through Mindful Schools to provide group and one-on-one mindfulness instruction.


She can provide mindfulness lessons within classrooms, run ongoing mindfulness groups, and teach a mindfulness fundamentals class. She can also provide mindfulness training for parents, teachers, and staff.

Summer Reading and Writing Intensives

Staying fresh with academics during the summer is important, especially for students with learning differences or disabilities. That's why Katrina offers reading and writing intensives during the summer.


Students will get one-on-one instruction tailored to their particular needs. They will need to meet with Katrina a minimum of twice a week during these sessions (you can also sign up for three times a week). You can sign up for one or both sessions.


Katrina can also offer homework as part of the session. If you'll be out of town during a part of a session, but able to connect to wifi, sessions can be held online.


Test Prep


Along with teaching practical techniques for test taking and strategies for specific tests, Katrina incorporates mindfulness and meditation to help students reduce test anxiety and increase their focus. ​


Students report feeling calmer about the test, being able to concentrate better whan taking standardized tests, and feeling well prepared for test day.

Energy Work


These classes are specifically for students 11 and up and are excellent for those who are especially sensitive, gifted, and/or struggle with confidence and feeling different. Katrina teaches pre-teens and teens how to work with their energy system to help them feel more confident, comfortable with themselves, and empowered.


Learning how to ground, strengthen boundaries, release energy, and tap into intuition is a powerful way for pre-teens and teens to make sense of their changing bodies and world.

2019 dates will be announced in mid-April.


  • uses the Orton-Gillingham approach

  • one-hour sessions

  • minimum of twice a week commitment for each session

  • in person or online

  • great for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, processing issues, or any other reading/writing issues

  • one-on-one instruction