You’ll Want to Try This Meditation App​

As part of the class I am teaching at the UC Berkeley Academic Talent Development Program summer camp, I have been researching meditation apps, and I want to share with you a truly fantastic one I discovered.


It’s called Insight Timer.


It is a free app available for Apple and Android products. My students who have used it appreciate that it offers both a timer and guided meditations for everything from stress relief to help falling asleep. The timer is perfect for taking time out for mindfulness. A bell or wood block signals the beginning and end of your time so you don’t have to worry about anything except breathing.


The guided meditations are created by various meditation teachers and the options are incredibly numerous. There is something for everyone, including a special section for kids and teens. I have already found several that I have bookmarked to listen to again. I highly recommend you download it, both for you and your child.​