​Photo credit:  Ben Mullins

Tests Aren’t Everything​

Recently, a friend sent me this blog, written for On Being, by Quaker elder and educator Parker Palmer. In it, he writes:


"There are lots of things wrong with our national mania for high-stakes standardized testing in the public schools. One of the worst is the way it makes some kids feel like 'losers' when they are very young. It’s a tragedy that’s reached epidemic proportions in the U.S., and it’s going to cost this country dearly before it’s over."


I couldn't agree more. Test scores only show a fraction of what makes up a student, and I remind my students of that all the time.


A group of principals made a point to lift up their students by sending them a message about how test scores only show a fraction of students' beautiful selves.


Click through to Palmer's blog to read the message. You might want to read it to your child before school starts to remind them that they contain multitudes beyond what their score on a test might say.