Summer Intensives for Writing​

Many students struggle with writing. 


For some, the issues come from getting what is in their head onto the page or screen. For others, it's the organizational piece inherent in writing. It is an especially challenging skill for students with dyslexia, executive function deficits, or processing gaps, because it requires holding so much information, and so many steps, in your mind at once. 


Summer is a perfect time for in-depth practice with writing because students are not up against a deadline and can take their time learning and working through all of the steps involved with writing. 


Writing instruction is available for all levels, from elementary school through college. I provide tips, tools, graphic organizers, and explicit instruction tailored to each student. My students have reported feeling more confident about starting the new school year after our summer instruction. 


Read all about my summer sessions below! There is some flexibility with the dates, so please let me know about any camps or other activities that might interfere with the weeks listed below.


The deadline to reserve a spot is May 15, and spots continue to fill up.