Reflect on the School Year​

Once the school year winds down, it can be a good time to assess what worked and what didn't. I encourage my older students to do this type of assessment, although younger students could also fill it out with an adult.


I especially advocate this practice for my study skills students, but any student can take a look at their habits and make goals for the coming school year.


Here are areas I'd recommend assessing:


1. How was my organization? Did I lose things often? Did I leave my homework at home often? Are there ways I could be more efficient with my organization? Do I need any tools or items that would help me be more organized next year?


2. How was my time management? Were there any long-term projects that got away from me? Did I have a lot of late assignments? What steps could I take to make sure all my assignments are in on time next year?


3. How disciplined am I? Do I carve out time for homework each night? Do I take short breaks but then return to my work afterward? Do I use my planner? Do I check Moodle or Google Classroom for my assignments? Am I able to go back to my work when I become distracted by a family member, pet, a text message, or the Internet?


4. How well do I advocate for myself? When I am not sure about something, do I ask a teacher, a tutor, a peer, or a parent to help? When I make a mistake, do I face it and fix it or do I ignore it? When I feel overwhelmed, do I reach out for support?


5. What do I do for self-care or down time? What systems do you have in place to help you when you feel overwhelmed? Do you watch YouTube videos, sit under a tree, take a walk, get a glass of water, do breathing exercises, meditate, pet the cat, or text a friend? What helps you feel more balanced?


Once the student has answered all the questions, organize the answers into categories: what to shift, what to maintain, and also tools/people needed to make changes. Then take action based on these lists. Post the list somewhere the student will see it and review it before the school year starts this fall