Questions for Reflection​

Reflection is one important way to learn. It helps us learn from our mistakes, make better decisions, and build resilience. And the end of the year is a natural time to slow down and reflect on the past year. What is working and what isn't?



Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself as a parent:


1. What is working in terms of academic support for my child?


2. What can be improved in terms of academic support for my child?


3. What is one way I helped my child foster a love of learning?


4. What academic achievements did my child accomplish of which I am proud?


5. How can I be an excellent cheerleader and advocate for my child in the coming year?


These will get your wheels turning; you may come up with many more questions of your own.



Your child can also reflect and set goals for the coming year. Questions might include:


1. What is the most fascinating thing I learned this year?


2. What is something I did or learned (in or out of school) that will stay with me for the rest of my life?

3. What subject or concept has been most challenging for me this year?


4. What subject makes me come alive or inspires curiosity in me?


5. What would I like to become an expert in (school or non-school related)?


6. What is one skill I would like to improve in the new year?



These questions can spark interesting conversation and help you and your child set learning goals. And don't narrow your thinking about doesn't have to be school subjects only. Perhaps your child wants to learn how to cook or use a band saw or master the ukulele. You may be surprised at what these questions elicit.


Once you have done this exercise, you and your child can create vision boards based on the goals you discovered. This is one of my favorite new year activities. I sit with a stack of magazines, looking for words and images that match my goals. I paste them all onto a big piece of paper or cardboard and hang it in a spot where I see it daily (mine is next to my bed). That way I am reminded of my goals all year long.


Happy new year!​