Motivating Wigglers to Read​

I long ago gave up on the idea that students should be sitting absolutely still when working or reading. Some students do better when they swing their legs, rock gently, fidget with Thinking Putty, or take movement breaks.


Melissa Taylor, a Colorado teacher, pulled together a great list of ideas for how to keep wiggly students reading. You can see it here.


Some of my favorite suggestions include having students sit on an exercise ball or indoor swing, allowing them to pace while they read (in an obstacle-free space, of course), or using a fidget device like a fidget cube or spinner.


Another excellent idea in her list: creating a reading nook. This could be a pillow fort, a space under the stairs, a corner in a hallway, or an indoor tent. All your child needs is a light, a book, and perhaps a pillow and a blanket. They could even read to a stuffed animal (or real animal) audience!


Photo by on Josh Applegate on Unsplash