Learning the Truth about Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, amidst the food and football, take a moment to share the real story of Thanksgiving with your child, one that doesn't sugarcoat the interactions between settlers and Native American communities. 


One way to spark a conversation about this with older children would be to watch the video above, created by Teen Vogue, this one by One Word, as well as this episode of Decoded. 

In the Bay Area, you could talk about (or attend) the Indigenous People's Sunrise Gathering at Alcatraz, which commemorates the occupation of Alcatraz Island from 1969–1971 by Native Americans attempting to reclaim the land. You could also teach your children about the Ohlone or Miwok tribes. 


In Vermont, you could teach your children about the National Day of Mourning that happens every Thanksgiving at noon in Plymouth, MA during which Native Americans and allies come together to mourn the loss of land and people. You could also teach them about the Abenaki people.


This article on Mashable has further suggestions, including becoming aware of the struggles indigenous communities face today.