How Touch Typing Helps Dyslexic Students​

Touch typing is a skill that can be a game-changer for dyslexic and dysgraphic students. Often, these students find it easier to type than to write by hand, and once they become proficient typists, writing papers becomes just a bit easier. Many state tests are administered by computer, and most middle and high school teachers expect typed work from their students.


But touch typing is not always taught in schools, and dyslexic students often need extra practice to master the skill.


Here are some excellent resources for free or affordable touch typing programs recommended by the International Dyslexia Association. Click the link above for longer explanations and reviews of each program. Use the links below to check them out.


Typing Club and GCF Learn Free both have clean, easy-to-use formats. Free Typing Games is a little more cluttered with ads, but has great timed tests.



Typing Club

GCF Learn Free

Free Typing Games