How Does ADHD Affect Executive Function Skills?​

One major way ADHD challenges students is when they have to use their executive function skills.




What are Executive Function skills?

• Time management and organization

• Planning and problem solving

• Motivation

• Self-awareness, self-restraint, and self-regulation

• Utilizing working memory




How Do Executive Function Skills Affect Learning?

• Students have trouble creating schedules, planning nightly homework time, and keeping track of assignments.

• They struggle to solve problems, such as how to balance sports practice and homework time.

• They have a hard time finding the motivation to do schoolwork.

• Students with ADHD can struggle with being aware of their behaviors and curbing those that are not beneficial.




How Does My Tutoring Help?

• I help students learn organization and time management skills, including using timers, planners, and binders, and folders.

• I encourage positive self-talk, since many students with ADHD have incredibly negative self-talk about their ability to focus, get their work done on time, and manage their emotions.

• I teach mindfulness to help with focus, working memory, fidgeting, self-awareness, self-regulation, and anxiety and depression.

• I help students understand that this is something they will manage throughout their lives, but that doesn't mean it will always be hard. If they put practices in place, and use tools to support them, they will be able to navigate life well.


If you have a student with ADHD who could use my help, please contact me!