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Excellent Social-Emotional Skills Resources

A major component of a students' learning during their formative years is how to navigate life's ups and downs. You might remember from my February newsletter that emotions have an impact on learning. This is why I believe that social-emotional skills are just as vital as reading, writing, and math.


Social-emotional skills include kindness, empathy, gratitude, mindfulness, resilience and perseverance, emotional intelligence, and community involvement. 


One immediate tool you can use to help your child cultivate mindfulness is to use the meditations I offer for free on my website. 


For practicing gratitude, consider making a gratitude jar. I've done this for several years now and enjoy reading a year's worth of gratitude at the end of the year. 


Giving students perspective about what it takes to master a skill can help them learn perseverance


For many more tips and some excellent resources on social-emotional learning, check out Edutopia's parent resource page.