Excellent Dyslexia Resource​

As part of my practicum in the Orton-Gillingham approach, I have spent time exploring the International Dyslexia Association web site, and it is a treasure-trove of information. If you have a child with dyslexia, or if you suspect your child might have dyslexia, it is a fantastic resource.


Its page of fact sheets is one I have bookmarked, because it provides an incredible amount of information. You can find everything from introductory information about dyslexia to how to help dyslexic students receive accommodations on college entrance exams. There you can also learn about the ADHD-dyslexia connection, how dyslexia shows up for gifted students, and how stress and anxiety often occur with dyslexia. 


If you are curious about dyslexia is assessed and diagnosed, you can visit this page. The IDA also provides a helpful guide to help you determine if a particular professional would be helpful for your child. 


It also has a section dedicated to families, with information about upcoming conferences and workshops, a list of schools that specialize in helping students with learning differences, scholarships and grants, and a youth art gallery.


One of the most helpful part of the web site is their downloadable Dyslexia Handbook. It is well worth the read. 


There is a lot of information, so plan to make several trips to click around and discover everything that is there.