Excellent Assistive Technology and Apps​

It can be hard to determine which assistive technology software and applications are truly helpful and well-made, and the list of choices are overwhelming. 


I found two excellent lists of assistive technology and helpful apps your student can use to make various school tasks easier and more manageable. 


The first is this list of assistive technology from ADDitude Magazine. The recommendations are broken down by subject (math, reading) so you can easily find what you're looking for.


The second is a list of beneficial Chrome extensions from Edutopia


I highly recommend taking some time during the holiday break to comb through these lists to see what might be good supports for them (or you!). 


Among my favorites of the recommendations on these list are the following:



  • The Livescribe Smartpen, a great tool for students with ADHD and executive functioning struggles


  • Grammarly, which catches spelling and grammar mistakes


  • Noisili, which provides white noise backgrounds that are perfect for studying and concentration.