Dyslexia is Not About Vision

There is a common myth that dyslexia is caused by vision problems, and if students get the right glasses, do eye exercises, or use a colored overlay while reading, their dyslexia will be cured.


Unfortunately, this is not true.


Dyslexia is a neurobiological issue that causes individuals to struggle with decoding language, spelling, recognizing words accurately, and sometimes also reading comprehension. Therefore, no amount of vision intervention will solve the problems caused by dyslexia.


Certainly, if there is an underlying vision issue, glasses or eye exercises will aid readers in various ways, but it will not help them learn how to decode and spell words, which are the only things that can help students learn to manage dyslexia.


The best intervention is a structured, explicit, and systematic approach like the Orton Gillingham approach I use with my dyslexic students.