Behavior Issues? Try This.​

Do you have a child who struggles with emotional outbursts, hyperactivity, or anxiety?


One of my colleagues, Natanya Lara, is an energetic practitioner whose work focuses on helping children reset the balance in their energy systems to feel calmer and more at home in their bodies. She is a certified parenting coach and she understands how kids' emotions and behavior can affect family dynamics.


As an energy work practitioner myself, I know that this work is profound and transformative. And as someone who has personally worked with Natanya around my own anxiety, I can highly recommend her as a practitioner.


I recently interviewed Natanya about her work. If you find it compelling, definitely visit her web site and schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if she'd be a good fit for you and your family.


What are some behaviors that you work to shift?

Emotional outbursts, hyperactivity, and anxiety.


I recently worked with a kid who was acting out on the school bus. He would not stay in his seat, the bus driver couldn’t control him. He was also acting out in class. At home, he would literally bounce on the furniture when his brother was sitting there. His mom is a parenting coach herself and has lots of resources and she just didn’t know what to do. So I worked with him over a period of a couple of months and after the first session his school bus behaviors had vanished. By the end of the time we were working together, he was just a happy kid. His teachers couldn’t believe it and his mom is just thrilled.


What does a session look like? Does the child need to be present for a session?

There is no seated session. The child can be doing anything at the time of the energy work, and the child does not need to know it is happening. Most often they don’t, except for the older students. Sessions can be remote or in person. I work with kids in many different locations, and I generally do not meet with kids in person.


What is energy work?

Just as we have a digestive and a circulatory system, we have an energy system, and Eastern practitioners have been working with it for hundreds of years. If we don’t attend to it, it can become clogged. The side effects of having a clogged energy system can look like lots of different behaviors depending on the individual. So I allow the energy system to clear so that the body can come into balance.


What is your particular approach?

My work is simply to tap into the energy system of the client and allow that system to clear using my methodology. The work is based in the five element energy system that an acupuncturist would use.


How would you work with test anxiety?

I worked with a 16-year-old who had trouble focusing and had some pretty severe text anxiety with the SATs coming up. We worked together over a couple of months and she was able not only to focus on the work and complete what she needed to complete, but also to take the test without totally freaking out.


I thank Natanya for sharing her work! Please do get in touch with her if you think your child would benefit from it.