Why Specific Goals Are Important​

Right now one of the main things I'm doing with students is setting goals. Just getting goals written down is a huge step for many students. But one important piece in helping them achieve their goals is to make those goals specific.


For instance, if your child wants to make more effort in a particular class, ask him or her to write down specific actions that will reflect that effort, such as:

  • taking Cornell notes when reading articles or textbook chapters
  • making flash cards for every quiz and test
  • reviewing test material with a tutor, friend, or parent
  • reflecting on readings by writing down the main idea, questions that arose, or opinions about the material
  • turning in all assignments on time


That way, you have a list of quantifiable actions that you can review with your child as the marking period progresses. Once the first set of grades come out, you can make tweaks if needed, or change the goals if the original goals were met.


This step will make a big difference because it will help your child see clearly how to reach his or her goals.​