Why Sleep is Crucial for Students​

Happy new year! One thing many of us struggle with is getting enough sleep.


 In the new year, it might be a good idea to evaluate your family's sleep hygiene and set goals for better sleep.


This infographic shows evidence for why we all need good sleep. It is especially crucial for students to get a good night’s sleep. Here’s why:

  1. Sleep helps us concentrate the next day. A lack of sleep impairs the parts of our brain that help us focus. Students with ADD/ADHD or visual processing disorders are especially affected by this.
  2. When we don’t get enough sleep we make poor decisions and take risks that may not be well thought out. Teens especially are more prone to poor decision making and risk taking because of their brain development and chemistry and a good night’s sleep can help mitigate this.
  3. Long term memory loss is another factor that comes with lack of sleep. This can hurt students in that they may lose information they were taught earlier in the year that is needed to learn new skills.
  4. Better cognitive functioning comes with good sleep. Students who consistently lack sleep will have a harder time thinking and processing what they learn.


So what does good sleep hygiene look like?

  • going to bed at the same time every night
  • skipping all-nighters
  • keeping screens out of the bedroom


If your child struggles with insomnia or falling asleep, progressive relaxation meditation can help. You can also consult your pediatrician for additional help.


Here’s to a year of good sleep!​