Mindfulness Benefits Children​

A growing body of research shows that mindfulness benefits children, especially for reducing stress and increasing attention, empathy, and compassion .


Quotes taken from students who have experienced Oakland's Mindful Schools' curriculum show that after learning mindfulness techniques, students make better choices and improved concentration.


Take, for instance, this anecdote from Amar, a GED student from Virginia:


“I was sitting in a party with my friend. Two guys come over to us and they want to fight. My friend has a gun and he’s ready to use it. You know what I did? I’m sittin’ in the party doin’ a body scan. That’s right, a body scan. I breathed. Then I took my friend’s gun and walked out of the party.”


Or this student:


“I like mindfulness because it helps me feel better and teaches me to concentrate.”


One way to expose your child to mindfulness is to practice breathing meditation at home. If you'd like me to practice mindfulness meditation with your student during our sessions, please let me know. I'd be happy to include it.


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