If Your Child Fidgets, You’ll Want This​

We all know someone who fidgets: the knee-bouncer, the pen-clicker, the swayer, the key-swinger...it comes in many forms.


Children and adults with ADD or ADHD are often classic fidgeters, although you do not need to have ADD/ADHD to enjoy fidgeting. The cool thing is, fidgeting can actually be beneficial. Science has shown that fidgeting helps us focus, so I allow my students to fidget and move around during sessions as needed.


This week I saw a video for the Fidget Cube on Facebook and I knew immediately I needed to tell you about it. The Fidget Cube, created by Antsy Labs, currently has a Kickstarter campaign, which is the only way to buy it right now.


The campaign will be funded; they have raised $1.4 million as of today and their goal was $15,000! For $22 + shipping, you can have a Fidget Cube of your own; estimated delivery is December. I got one today and I will be recommending it to all of my fidgeting students. Check it out!​