Dealing With the Pressure of School​

At this point in the school year, students have a pretty good idea of the kinds of pressures they will face in school. Some are balancing sports, schoolwork, and friends. Others are managing the transition from middle to high school, or elementary to middle school. Many students are trying to make sense of our political climate and the interpersonal dynamics within their friend groups and families. 


All of this can build up into non-stop chatter in their minds, and it can be hard to concentrate on any one thing. Students may start to show signs of anxiety, stress, or overwhelm.


That's where mindfulness comes in. This five-minute video shows clearly how taking a few moments to breathe can have a transformative effect, helping students reconnect to their center, their breath, and a sense of calm. 


Watch it with your child (best suited for middle and high schoolers) and try a moment of breathing together.