Could You Take the No Tech Challenge?


What would it be like to be without your smart phone, laptop, iPad, or computer for three days?


Take a moment to image that. What feelings come up. Relief? Panic?


Recently, a group of Bay Area students took the challenge to be without technology for three days. What some of the students said about the challenge was fascinating.


One high school sophomore, interviewed by Mind/Shift, said this about the experience:


“It made me way more creative with my time and it gave me a sense of relief. Whereas if I had technology, I would feel like I have to check Instagram.”The article goes on to say, "The first day he was anxious, reflexively reaching into his pocket, but by the third day he felt something akin to freedom. He went surfing, bounced on the trampoline, and went on walks.”


Other students said it was hardest to be without their phone when they were alone and bored. They felt relieved when they were able to have their devices back.


One student had this powerful insight: “I usually take a really long time doing homework and that’s because I get sidetracked with technology and my phone.”


Pause for a moment and think about what you would do if you didn’t have your phone or computer with you all the time.What activities would you pick up again? Which friends or family members would you call? What places might you visit?


So, what are some ways you could take the challenge?


1. Establish one no-tech night a week where everyone puts away their devices for a couple hours. It could be a great night to have dinner together as a family, if you’re not already doing that each evening.


2. Have a no-tech time each night, perhaps between school and dinner, or after dinner until bedtime.


3. Take a no-tech day on the weekend. Plan an activity together.


4. Do the ultimate challenge: a no-tech weekend.


If you take the no-tech challenge, let me know how it goes!


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