So, there’s this thing called summer brain drain.


Basically, when students aren’t practicing skills on a regular basis, they can lose some of what they learned during the school year. However, you can keep this from happening and even help them advance during the summer to prepare for the fall.


And the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. I can support you and your child through summer classes or tutoring.


Summer Classes

I’m excited to announce that I’m offering a variety of classes this summer, including ones on writing, how to survive middle school and high school, and even one for students off to college. 


Writing Classes

My writing classes are for 4th and 5th graders, middle schoolers, and high schoolers (each level has its own class).


Writing classes will include tips for expressive and effective writing, and will include a variety of styles. I will instruct students on generating ideas, organizing and editing, and reducing stress around writing. I’ll use a variety of techniques including experiential exercises and mindfulness practices.


Surviving Middle School and High School

Surviving Middle School and Surviving High School are broken into two different sections: one for those entering middle or high school and one for students who are already in middle or high school.


These classes will include tips on study skills, writing, test preparation, cultivating good learning habits, and organization. They will also feature stress reduction and confidence-building exercises. Classes for incoming students will address navigating a new school, making new relationships, dealing with bullying, and working with new teachers. I’ll use a mixture of instruction, experiential exercises, and mindfulness techniques.


Surviving College

The Surviving College class is much like the middle school and high school classes in that it will address study skills, writing, test prep, learning habits, and organization. However, it will also involve learning how to navigate a college campus, meet new people, find affinity groups, and create a school/life/work balance.


If these classes sound like a good fit for your child, now is a great time to sign up. Until May 20, the discount rate is in effect!


Class Prices

Elementary and middle school: $275

High school and college classes: $300


If you have more than one child, I’m offering a $50 discount. Minimum enrollment for each class is eight students.


Summer Tutoring

Many of my clients continue tutoring during the summer. We can talk about what you’d like your student to practice and then I can create a custom program that will target areas in which he or she needs to improve. I can also provide homework assignments.


Summer tutoring works much the same way tutoring works during the school year…sessions are typically one hour and in the afternoon or evening (most of the classes I’m teaching are in the morning).


If you’d like to sign up for summer tutoring, please be in touch soon . Slots will fill up quickly.


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Avoid Summer Brain Drain with These Classes