A Simple Way to Improve Health and Wellbeing​

At Thanksgiving, many families have a tradition of sharing what they’re grateful for. I always enjoy hearing what moments, people, places, or things have given others joy or comfort during the last year.


But we don’t have to wait for November to roll around to practice gratitude. It can become a habit. And scientists like those at Greater Good say that it actually improves our immune system, gives us more joy and compassion, and fosters togetherness.


Here are three easy ways to start a gratitude practice with your child:

  1. Create a gratitude jar. Any jar will do. Each day, or as often as you remember, write down something you are grateful for on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, share these notes with your family. It makes for a lovely holiday tradition.
  2. Share a moment of gratitude at one meal each day. This can be at any meal where you sit down together without distractions.
  3. Add gratitude to your meditation practice. While doing 10 minutes of mindfulness, add in a short gratitude practice. One example: focus on something or someone you are grateful for and hold it/them in your heart, sending love.


One thing I’m grateful for is all of the students and parents I’ve been lucky enough to work with. It is a blessing to do work I love and help students grow and thrive.​