4 Excellent ADD/ADHD Resources​

I am always on the lookout for excellent resources for my clients and I have recently compiled a list of books and websites that are chock full of helpful tips and information for parents of students with ADD, ADHD, or executive functioning gaps.


1. Smart But Scattered Teens

by Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, and Colin Guare This book is great because its methods are backed by science and they are practical. It provides ways you can help your child become more independent while also improving your relationship by helping you understand their particular challenges.


2. Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

by Daniel Siegel I recommend it because it gives all of us who live or work with teens insight into what is happening in their brains and how that affects our relationships with them. His Mindsight practices are particularly useful for students with ADD/ADHD or executive skills gaps. I have written about this book before; see that post for further details.


3. Understood.org

Created by 15 nonprofit organizations to help parents better understand how to help children with learning and attention deficits. This website is packed with information and resources, including how to work with schools, manage interpersonal relationships, and find technology that can help. I especially like their “through your child’s eyes” videos.


4. ADDitude Magazine This is a comprehensive website that is tied to a magazine. You can utilize the site without becoming a subscriber. I have found many of their articles and blogs helpful and have listened to one of their webinars. There are also discussion boards to connect with other parents.​